VanLife and SUP!

I know a lot of people will have questions about the paddleboard that we used in our latest vlog so I'm going to try and answer them as best as I can here. But, we will be releasing another vlog showing all the kit you get with this paddle board and our experiences with the board in the near future.

So, down to business!

What is a SUP?

SUP stands for "Stand Up Paddleboard". So its basically a large surfboard that you can stand up on and propel yourself along with a paddle.

Which board have you got?

I asked for the RED 10'6 inflatable paddleboard as its a brilliant all-rounder board for use on many different types of water. You can check out the board here:

Since we live by both rivers and the sea it made sense to get a large board that would be safe to use by the coast and on rivers. This also means it can come on many trips with us and be used for almost all types of water we may come across! We also wanted it to be inflatable so we could pack it away easily and put it in the van.

Why is Bentley not in the vlog?

Ok, so we're still fairly new to paddleboarding, however Bentley has had a go at sitting on the front and he LOVED it! The problem comes when he decides to jump off and that means whatever human is also on the board will also fall off. 37kg of dog jumping off an inflatable will do that. I will get him to feature in future vlogs with the board as he does love it and people like seeing him more than they like seeing us.

Where did you get the board from?

I got in contact with Wetsuit Outlet after they came highly recommended to me by friends of mine who do a lot of paddleboarding. They were extremely accommodating and really excited that we had got in touch with them. Their knowledge of boards and equipment is second to none and they were great in helping me choose which board I wanted to try. Link to Wetsuit Outlet is here:

How long did it take you to get confident on the board?

The first time we tried out the board we both managed to stand up and neither of us fell off. We tried it out in fairly shallow water where we could stand up if we fell in and the water itself was flat calm. The next day we tried it out again, in really rough conditions on the north sea and both fell in a number of times but eventually we managed to stay up!

After those first two times we've not fallen off again and continued to gain confidence in ourselves and the board.

Does it fit in the VW California?

Of course it does, the Cali has so much room! Once it's deflated it fits nicely under the parcel shelf in the boot. Alternatively you could put it on a bike rack like ours or just in the cab area. You can buy the board as a bundle deal where you get a bag with it to store it in and that makes it super easy to fit away in the Cali.

If it's inflatable doesn't it start to deflate after a while and is it even rigid?

You wouldn't believe how rigid the board is! It's absolutely amazing. You get a pump with the bundle that I got and the pump shows you what pressure you need to get the correct rigidity. Whatever it's made out of it certainly doesn't deflate either. It's a seriously clever bit of kit.

So I hope that answers any of your initial questions. Like I say, we will do another Vlog in the near future about what you get in this bundle and if you have any questions please send them our way and I will answer them as best I can.

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