New T-shirts & Sweatshirts have arrived!!!

I am SO EXCITED to show you the awesome new T-shirts I've been designing recently. This has kept me unbelievably busy and when you look into the details you'll know why.

I am a doodler, always have been and always will be. And I love filling spaces with doodles that show adventures and characters from our travels. So I put this to good use and designed us a T-shirt that would show that love of the journey and not just of the destination.

They are available RIGHT NOW in our shop! We are emailing out our mailing list ahead of tonight’s live-stream launch (providing we have ok internet at the site we’re staying at).

I really hope you love the design as much as we do. (Click the photo above to take you directly to our shop)


Lizzy, Shaun & Bentley x

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