California Cupcakes!

So you want to make cupcakes in your Campervan?

Only got a hob?

No oven?


Now, if you've watched the video you'll hear me mention that I used to make cakes as one of my many jobs. I even made my own wedding cake which was a lot of pressure but still very enjoyable (also saved me a lot of money!).

I love making and decorating cakes and despite it being a job for a while it didn't take away the pure joy of cake making for me. But I obviously had the dilemma of how could you make them in a van?

The solution was simple really, The Ridgemonkey XL!! is the link to buy one if you're interested. It works in a very similar way to a frying pan however the lid means the inside heats up like an oven and it actually BAKES food!

​I'd recommend watching the video really because this is going to be more of an add on to that. You can see how you place cupcake cases in the ridge monkey and then fill it with the mixture. In retrospect the bottoms of the cupcakes were slightly more brown than I would want so what I may suggest is that you put some foil under the cupcake case itself to stop it being over-baked. In total the baking took about 20minutes on the lowest heat but obviously if you're vigilant and check on the cakes from time to time then you can be the one to decide how long they need to be cooked for. Best way of checking them is by putting a clean knife into the cake and if the knife comes out clean then chances are you cakes are done! Leave to cool and then DECORATE! Actually decorating is my favourite bit but Shaun's favourite bit is eating them. I can't say I blame him, they tasted amazing!

So here is the recipe, and it comes direct from my own personal Recipe book which holds all of my secrets! If you're lucky I'll reveal some more some time.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Baking!!

Lizzy x

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