Farmyard Dinner

It's a beautiful night tonight and we fancied a piece of it! We decided to head out in the van to see if we could find somewhere quiet to have dinner. We drove around for ages trying to find a small track somewhere and after about an hour and a half decided to give in.

However on the way back home we came across a small farm track, flanked by paddocks with beautiful horses, leading to a small barn surrounded by hay bales. We thought we'd give it a bash. I believe it was private access but we kept the van in 'travel mode' so that, if a disgruntled farmer want us out, we could head off quickly. We didn't go anywhere near the barn and maintained total respect of their land and nobody seemed to care that we were there. I think we would have been pushing our luck if we had put the pop top up as I imagine it would look like we were going to camp there.

Dinner was lovely (Pad Thai) and Bentley enjoyed the hay bales. A lady feeding the horses in the nearby paddocks as we left didn't seem bothered that we were there either. All in all, a nice little outing

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