In early 2018 we were looking at various different awnings as we knew we wanted to give ourselves a bit more space whilst we were away camping. We wanted somewhere we could sit and relax in the evening and maybe somewhere we could store things whilst we went exploring the local area. Shaun had it in his head that he wanted to find an awning in which we could use a wood burning stove.


Whilst researching awnings we came across the Glawning. We approached Glawning and they very kindly agreed to send us one to use on a long term test. This is great because we could see what it's like to live with a relatively large awning and also take you guys a long with us. 

What's even more incredible is that Glawning agreed to let us set up a discount code for you to use which gives you an incredible 3% discount. Take a look at their website by clicking the image below and if you choose to purchase something don't forget to use the discount code shown below.