Day Two

Camping Vert Auxois to Camping Breithorn

We only spent one night at Camping Auxois and we were very soon back on the wonderful French Autoroutes with cruise control set eating up the miles. We found a lovely Aire to stop and have some brunch. There was a road rally going on in the distance which was pretty cool so whilst Lizzy made some eggs on crumpets Shaun spectated the rallying. 

Back on the road we kept taking pictures of what we assumed was the Alps. Time after time we kept emerging out of tunnels and being shocked as to how the mountains kept growing. We kept taking more and more pictures realising the initial photos we had took must have been of hills rather than mountains! We were now in Switzerland and as we approached Lauterbrunnen the clouds had rolled in but it was really easy to sense the scale of the mountains we surrounded by. 

We arrived at Camping Breithorn, the only campsite we had pre booked. It was very quiet so we really didn't need to but this campsite, surrounded by mountains, will prove to reveal it's dramatic beauty the next day. 

Check out the video below...