Day Ten

Grubhof Camping and E-Bikes

All throughout this epic holiday we keep coming across more and more incredible campsites. Grubhof Camping will prove to be our favourite campsite of the whole trip. Nestled amongst the Austrian mountains, with a white water, glacial, river running through the site and incredibly modern and immaculate facilities, what's not to like. Grubhof even has a great bar and restaurant serving great portions of local food and superb ale. 

Despite setting up yesterday in pouring rain, the clouds had dissipated to reveal beautiful sunshine and healthy temperatures. We decided to hire some e-mountain bikes. This will be one of the most exciting things on our trip. For those of you who don't know, e-bikes have an electric motor connected to the drivetrain which give you assistance when pedalling. You do still have to pedal but they make you feel like Chris Hoy. Batteries charged we headed for the mountains. The local area is perfect for walking and cycling straight from the campsite. and before we knew it we found ourselves near to a cable car.

Shaun had always wanted to take a mountain bike on a cable car and go as fast as he could back down. So we did. We got the cable car halfway up to a lovely restaurant with the most amazing views. We demolished some great burgers and chose to see where the mountain road went. Cycling up the side of the mountain was so much easier on the e-bikes. You still get a workout but you can just get to places you wouldn't necessarily tackle on a standard mountain bike. Before we knew it we were right at the top. It was epic!

Freewheeling all the way back down, we were both frantically thinking of an excuse to buy some e-bikes. Not so sure they are required in Hampshire, England though! Damn it!