Day Six

Caravan Park Sexten to Camping Lake Bled

Leaving the luxury behind, not without a few delicious croissants form the amazing shop on site, we started our journey towards Slovenia. The quickest route there will actually take us briefly through Austria. We don't spend much time in Austria because we will be back on the return leg. It's a pretty uneventful journey to Slovenia without much to report. One thing that did confuse us on the way into Slovenia was the fact that there is a huge toll booth which is surrounded by signs showing a vignette. We paid the fee, thinking it was for the vignette but when the machine didn't give us anything in return, we were left bemused. We carried on and eventually realised that it must've been the toll booth for the enormous tunnel ahead. Anyway now that was cleared up we stopped at the next petrol station to purchase the required vignette. A little confusing but never mind.

Weather wise it was pretty miserable when we arrived at Camping Bled. We picked this site because of the rave reviews on the internet. Unfortunately we didn't have the best stay. We were pitched right next to the toilet block and the facilities were really quite disgusting. It didn't help that we didn't have great weather either. We'd like to think that it may have just been the result of a pretty heavy summer on the campsite. Thankfully that's the beauty of a camper van, you can easily move on if you like. However we set up camp and headed for a walk around Lake Bled. 

It's a beautiful lake with a stunning church on an island in the centre. Despite the weather and campsite we were in high spirits and the beers by the lake went down very well. We were treated to an incredible thunder storm that night which lit up the pop top like a strobe light.

Bled will mark the furthest point away from home on this awesome trip. It's no time to start the return leg.

Check out the video below...