Day One

Le Havre to Camping Vert Auxois

We've called this Day One which is a bit of a lie as Day One was actually a very short hop from our house near Southampton to the ferry port in Portsmouth. It's about 8 miles so we didn't really feel that it warranted it's own page. 

We took the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre with Brittany Ferries. We booked our own cabin as it was only about £60 so, for us, it was a no brainer. We absolutely loved the fact that whilst we slept we were still moving and therefore we started Day One of our honeymoon already in France, albeit a very wet France.

Leaving the ferry at around 07:30 we were soon on the autoroutes heading east. As we travel through Europe we will come to realise that the French Autoroutes are probably the best roads we will come across. Yes, they will sometimes seem a little pricey but the abundance of Aires and very low traffic levels makes for a very relaxing way of travel. The French Aires are often only around 15kms apart and the relatively modern ones are really pleasant places to stop for a cup of tea and a spot of lunch.

Before we knew it, the skies were blue and we were well into Eastern France looking for our first campsite. Using the ACSI Camping Card (more on that at a later date) we found a lovely little campsite just West of Dijon. Arriving at Camping Vert Auxois we were greeted by a lovely "warden/owner" and his beautiful golden retriever. We spent a while playing with poochie, but as "fetch" and "sit" wasn't covered in GCSE French we soon realised we should maybe set the Cali up for the night. The facilities were very nice and the local town and canal made for a very pleasant walk that evening.

Check out the video below...