Day Nine

Camping Birkenstrand to Grubhof Camping via Salzburg

Yet another awesome site down, we were on the road again. It was just a short hop to the Austrian city of Salzburg, the home of Mozart. Parking in Salzburg was easy and we soon found ourselves on the lift/tram/train (not sure what it is called) going up to the beautiful castle overlooking the city. You get a full panoramic view of Salzburg and once we had explored the castle we chose to burn some calories and walk back down. That certainly got the knees shaking. 

Works were well underway for the upcoming Oktoberfest style celebrations which fill most of the cities in Germany and Austria at this time of year. We took a slow and peaceful walk around Salzburg Cathedral and explored many of the streets. We even came across the most decorated Spar shop we've ever come across. It was a Spar which had been built within the original home of Mozart as far as we could tell. 

Fish and chips for lunch courtesy of 'Nordsee', a chain of shops in this part of the world which was like a fast food company which specialised in seafood. It was delicious, if only we had them in the UK. Full up, we headed to the Cali, departed Salzburg and headed towards our next campsite...