Day Four

Camping Breithorn to Campingplatz Pe da Munt

Heading just a few hundred yards up the road from Camping Breithorn we stop at the Trummelbach Falls, a breathtaking collection of multiple waterfalls which thunder through the side of the mountain with literally thousands of gallons of glacial water from up and around the Jungfrau. Well worth a visit but probably not for those with a fear of heights. 

After about an hour or so admiring the Falls we started our journey further east towards Italy. This journey through The Alps started off pretty wet and miserable but as we reeled Italy in the clouds opened up and the roads got quieter. These will become the most breathtaking roads and the California was eating them up with ease. We lost count of how many times we stopped to take in the view but it was well worth it every time. We even encountered some snow as we climbed to some pretty incredible altitudes. 

Arriving at Campingplatz Pe da Munt the sun was already getting pretty low but the site was lovely and the facilities were clean but cold (somebody kept leaving the door open for some reason). The showers were lovely and warm though. 

Check out the video below...